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Training you Oddballz Pets



A well-trained Oddball can perform your favourite tricks in return for a treat, and come to the hand when called.

You will find that you can train your Oddball quite easily as you would most pets.  They can be rewarded or punished to ensure you raise them well, although some people do prefer never to punish their Oddballz pets. 

A pet can be moved about the screen by right clicking on him and holding the mouse button down, on a Mac you need to press <shift> and right-click, but if you double-right click you can whistle and beckon your breed over to you.  You will probably want to encourage him to learn to do this every time you call, and in order to do this he must be trained... To reward good behaviour you could tickle your pet [by left-clicking on him], offer a treat of a grub, a sip of liqui-food or even the loco-pop.

Punishment tools include the shooting the pet with the Sno-Blaster, using the Robo Pogo on them after shooting it with the transformer, or by dropping the Seismo-Ball.  Personally I would advise you to avoid these.


If you want your breed to perform a trick for you waving a grub in front of him will ensure a performance and treat your pet when he tries a good trick. Nb. Right click on the grub hole to collect your grub

You can also use the paint pot to colour the grub to your Oddballz favourite colour to make it an extra special treat.



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