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Free Oddballz Starter Kit



Click here to Download now
Size 2.59Mb

1) Once downloaded open the file (you may need WinZip) and read readme.txt
2) Double-click on Setup.exe to install the game onto your PC and begin the fun
3) It asks you for your name so your pets know what to call you
4) When it prompts you for disk two, just click "Okay" and it will continue to install
5) The Starter Kit is now installed and ready to run from the Windows Start Menu
6) Note: The Starter Kit is compatible with Windows 95, 98, and by using the patch included
in the download with Windows 2000 and XP also.

You are now ready to play with Walret (see below), your first Oddballz pet, or return here
to download more free breedz. There is no expiry date for this game or any catches...



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