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Getting Started



Step 1 - Get the game if you don't have a copy

Download a free PC or Mac Oddballz Demo from our "Free StarterKit" page. The starter kit contains one initial egg - but you can download and add as many new breedz as you wish from our site, and two toyz - the atomic ball and the transformer.

Step 2 - Necessary Oddballz files

You will need to download the "Petz Installer Runtimes" which allow you to install new eggz which come in the form of .esp files by just double-clicking on them.

Step 3 - Expand your game

Look in the "Oddball Breedz" link in the menu for new Oddballz eggz and in "Add-Ons" you will find new fun downloads, eg. backgrounds, textures, cursors and liqui-food flavours.

Step 4 - Have a go yourself

Do you want to make any of your own work via "DIYOddballz", Here you can learn how to make a new breed of your own, a texture to colour you Oddball or even a new background for the game.

Step 5 - Get the game while you still can

You might even want to buy the game so you can enjoy all the features, so see Purchasing.

None of these fan sites make any money on sales, and there are only limited copies of the game left. Since we lost the company that made the game no more copies are produced.



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