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Oddballz ScreenShots



Skorch at play

The full Oddballz game comes with seven starter eggz, ie. your initial set of breedz, and twelve fantastic toyz including grubz [their food] and liqui-food [drink]. You can see 'Game Tips' for more information on what each of the toyz do.

There are six additional breedz by PF Magic that were only made available online, and can now be downloaded from our website, making thirteen original PF.Magic eggz in total; although we have third-party (ie. made by the public) breedz, textures and playpen designs too.

Honker dancing to the Pop-Box

You can photograph your breedz, look at their character, make notes on them or take them from their playpen to their second scene, the desktop [there are only two], to play there.

Oddballz can be raised, trained, petted until they explode, shrunk, enlarged, transformed into animalz,
  dance to music... and the list goes on. There is so much you can do to connect with your
  breedz. I believe Oddballz is well worth the money if you can find somewhere to purchase it.



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