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Oddballz Scrambler



Download this nifty program for Windows or Mac by Jonathan Grynspan to create your own new Oddballz breedz, available from Then using the 'Petz Packager' you can then make the new Oddballz you have made into a file that other people can install into their game and enjoy.

What do you need?

You will need to click on the button above to visit Ron's web-site at and download a few things from his downloads page:

If you want to download and install new Oddballz eggz:
The Petz Installer Runtimes which replaces the old 'ESP runtimes'

If you want to create your own Oddball breedz:
The Oddballz Scrambler and the Petz Packager which replaces the old 'AnyESP'

Nb. If you cannot run .msi files as there isn't a program associated with the file:
Windows Installer Runtimes



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