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Oddballz Game Versions



UK vs. US Breedz

Now you probably know that Oddballz has been sold around the world but you might be unaware that the Oddball breedz you have picked up with your game might be slightly different. You see there are both United Kingdom and United States versions of each breed, distinguishable by their different file sizes.



Starter vs. Full

Here I will explain about the different eggz and games available as there are a few different pieces available to you, and which of these you have might affect your game.

  • Egg, Breed, Oddball - One of the characters found in the incubator when playing the game

The first point to make would be to emphasise that we have starter eggz and full eggz, these differ in both size and content.

  • Egg folder - This is where the installed eggz are kept c:/ ... /

  • Full eggz - These are simply the full version Oddballz egg. When unpackaged they consist of a .odd and .odx file within the Egg folder

  • Starter eggz - A sort of demo version of the egg. These are just a .odx file

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