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Game History



Some time ago the Oddballz web-site was taken down, the Petz series was on-sold and, although Babyz has been released and Petz5 in currently being made, Oddballz was abandoned, but within the on-line Oddballz community Oddballz lives on...

Oddballz by PF.Magic 1996


The creators of Dogz and Catz now bring you Oddballz. These new and hilarious Computer Petz are unlike anything you've seen before. Train them to do surprising tricks. Discover lots of secrets. Watch for weird mutations and weird reactions. Collect them all. Oddballz are digital life at its wackiest. Oddballz by PF Magic 1996.

The Oddballz Case

Copyright Ubi Soft 2001

Oddballz is now owned by Ubi Soft and is still being upheld by the community, ie. us. We are releasing new breedz and add-ons are all the time. Ubi Soft have been very good to us - they have allowed us to continue to host the work we were permitted to produce and host under PF.Magic, and they provide good support for the game. As long as we are here the game will live on!

It only gets better with age

Over time the game has just got better. When it was first released you bought the game with the 7 "starter eggz", then if you had an Internet connection you could download 5 new "full eggz" to add to your collection, and when you registered at the site you got the "full egg" Skorch. Making up the '13 original eggz'. Nowadays we have over 75 breedz, made up mainly of third-party breedz - ie. only by the Oddballz community, new texturez, playpenz, coatz and guides, etc.



Copyright © 1996 - 2011