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Future Titles



What happened?

To discuss the future of the game I must first quickly remind you of the past. Oddballz was released back in 1996 by PF Magic, Mattel Interactive later purchased the series, releasing Petz4 and Babyz, and PF Magic closed.

Ubi Soft now owns the copyright on Oddballz but has shown no sign of continuing the Oddballz line of the Petz series any further, although Dogz5 and Catz5 are underway, so there may be hope yet...

There is no-longer an 'official' web-site for the game. was sadly taken down many years ago as it was falling into disrepair.

So who've we got?

Well, the site and the company might have disappeared but the community haven't. There was around 1/5 million Oddballz fans back in 1996 and we certainly weren't going to give up on the game.

There are a selection of large web-sites still dedicated to Oddballz that you can visit from the links page, we have new breedz for the PC and Mac being developed all the time, we are creating new songz, textures, playpenz, etc. and since we have been allowed to do so by the copyright holders we will continue to grow and prosper as a community.

If you want to get involved there are so many places to visit. If you look on my menu at the left you will see newsgroups, a chat room, a message board, and some of our current competitions. Don't think a game is dead just because the company have moved on, and the game might be just about sold out in every store on-line and off-line *gulp* we're still here though aren't we.

Oddballz 2?

As a quick note I would just like to say that at present it is unlikely that an Oddballz2 will ever emerge, unless we can persuade UbiSoft otherwise, but that doesn't mean we can't write our own games, if we all team up.

If it is Oddballz you are interested in, and you would like to take them to another level, then have a look at our 'Petz4 Oddballz' link to see the wish that Carolyn is making a reality as we speak.



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