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Installing an esp Egg



New Windows Oddball Eggz now come in "Eggs Scrambler Package" format. They have the .esp extension and, after installing the 'Petz Installer Runtimes' below just once, you just double-click any esp file to install it into your Oddballz game.

Download Runtimes

With Ron's website closed and OddballzNeo temporarily unavailable you can currently download Ron's pzruntimes.msi for Petz and Oddballz here:

Download Oddballz Runtimes

Installation Guide

Thanks to Ron we now have a new format for our new Oddballz eggz - that is .esp format

Once you have double-clicked on the esp file the breed will install into your Oddballz game

MSI Errors

Nb. If you cannot run .msi files as there isn't a program associated with the file then you need to install Microsoft's 'Windows Installer Runtimes'.



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