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News Archive

Oddballz on Windows XP Home
Posted: Monday, 24th March 2003
It appears the Petz installer we use to package new Oddballz breeds isn't very compatible with Windows XP Home edition so after talking witgh Daniel of Oddballz Neo we have concluded we need to reintroduce the original zip format for breeds, perhaps in addition to the new esp format.

Update 2003 coming soon...
Posted: Wednesday, 19th February 2003
We are currently preparing for the next big update, a complete website redesign and rewrite with brand new layout, style and content. Be prepared, it will be very different! Unfortunately for Oddballz, there may be some major Creatures news appearing soon so I may have to work on that section of the website first.

Finally, Petz 5
Posted: Saturday, 18th January 2003
Yippee! Today my copy of Catz 5 and Dogz 5 has arrived from Argos! It may be two months after Petz 5 was released in the US but at least it has finally reached the UK shores.

Updated Breedz Page
Posted: Friday, 3rd January 2003
I have updated some of the breedz on our "Breed List" download page and I noticed a few broken links so if you had any trouble downloading any of the breedz you will find they are back again now.

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