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News Archive

PC breedz return
Posted: Wednesday, 23rd July 2003
Visit the downloads page, then 'Breedz and eggz' to see the return of the Oddballz breedz for the PC today. If you have a specific page (or pages) in mind that you would like to see uploaded next make your request in the forums here.

Daniel is back and at 100%
Posted: Wednesday, June 25th 2003
Oddballz Neo is back on its feet, with the downloads in tact, after a drastic move to a new host. The site took three months to restore at its new location so we will join Daniel is hoping he won't need to do that again for a long time ;)

Welcome back Ron
Posted: May 2003
After a couple of false starts it appears Jonathan Grynspan, known in the Oddballz Community as Ron, has regained control over The Odd Planet so if you need anything from his site now is the time to visit. Hopefully the site will remain available but due to server trouble with his host this cannot be guarenteed.

Oddballz Neo moves
Posted: Tuesday, 1st April 2003
Oddballz Neo is currently moving hosts so some files may not be available for a time, but they should be running again soon.

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