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News Archive

Revamp Coming Soon
Posted: Sunday, 2nd June 2002
The whole site will be undergoing a style and content update in a few weeks (including uploading my new unseen breedz). If you have any suggestions or an Oddballz web-site you would like me to link to then e-mail me quick.

Snowbo meets Petz
Posted: Tuesday, 9th April 2002
From the 'Oddball Petz' link in the menu you can now also download Carolyn's Snowbo for Petz, with some very impressive extra features.

Norvil for Petz
Posted: Friday, 22nd March 2002
If you have missed out on Carolyn Horn's genius 'Oddballz is Petz' phenomena then you'd better go check it out now, because now Norvil joins Honker and Skorch in Petz. For Catz versions 2, 3 and 4.

*Four* New Breedz : Muttz v1.0
Posted: Saturday, 9th March 2002
Check out the 'New Breedz' section for four gorgeous brand new breedz by Rachel Harmer, exclusive to AmberOddballz. These lovely pups will certainly be a welcome addition to any Oddballz collection.

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