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News Archive

Petz 5!!!
Posted: Wednesday, 26th June 2002
Ubi Soft's Dogz 5 and Catz 5, which is currently being developed by Studio Mythos Inc, should be released in time for Christmas. Details of this great news for the community can be found over at UbiSoft's website:
This means that's campaign for a Petz5 has come to an end, and sadly the site will be closing shortly.

Breed List Unified
Posted: Saturday, 22nd June 2002
To ensure consistency between Daniel's site and my own we have updated and moved a few breedz. Check and the 'Oddball Breedz' page now and get downloading. You will want to look at the 'Breed List' tab for the latest breedz, and 'New Eggz' or 'Trayz' to download them.

Breedz being Updated
Posted: Saturday, 22nd June 2002
Rudolf, Molez and Quirrel have all been updated. So go and download the latest versions now, and yes that does mean Quirrel has been updated to a *full* egg. I will update my eggz from time to time so do make sure you always have the latest versions.

Posted: Friday, 15th June 2002
Read about the latest Oddball currently in development, Elizabeth's Komondor, right here. The Komondor is a very unique breed of dog...

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