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News Archive

Oddballz for Windows 2000 & XP!
Posted: Wednesday, 1st January 2003
I have now found a way for both the full Oddballz game and the free Oddballz Starter Kit to run under Windows XP/2k. Find out more here.

Petz 5 *not* available in the UK
Posted: Thursday, 12th December 2002
For you fellow Petz 5 fans in the UK who have been e-mailing me to ask where our copies of the Dogz 5 and Catz 5 are, since it is getting very close to Christmas now, I have bad news - Petz 5 will not be here before Christmas. It is now being published by Focus Multimedia over here so when it is released (and I will update you when it is available) you should be able to find it in such stores as Game (inc. EIS/Electronic Boutique), Toys R Us, PC World, Staples, Maplins and more.

Petz 5 in the UK high street?
Posted: Friday, 6th December 2002
Well... It is the 6th... and I have been round all the high street PC and game stores but each of the shops have said that they will not be stocking Petz 5. If you are looking for a copy you can purchase it online (providing the stock does arrive). Try as they appear to have a good many copies of each, although they are selling out fast. Personally I'd rather not buy online so I'll keep hunting and update you when I know more. revamp
Posted: Wednesday, 4th December 2002
The official Petz website ( has been updated, and badly redirected to (, with a new image. This is an encouraging move, especially since it promises new Petz 5 downloads.

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