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News Archive

Downloading Oddballz!
Posted: Monday, 1st March 2004
Since we have just started a new month, leaving behind another 'leap' day, I thought I would check how many downloads we have had of the Oddballz this month and the total is 231! So we're still averaging eight downloads per day eight years after the game was first released. Not half bad ay :)

As you may have noticed I've been working mainly of the Creatures section of the website recently, getting the forum up, adding downloads and reordering the menu, but fear not AmberOddballz is next on my list for the same treatment and I have plently of files to upload!

Oddballz all round!
Posted: Tuesday, 10th February 2003
Don't forget the Windows version of Oddballz runs on Windows 95 and Windows 98, and with our NT Patch it also now runs on Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows XP. Plus we have the Mac release of Oddballz here too, so everyone can download the free Starter Kit and start playing Oddballz today!

Oddballz for the Mac
Posted: Tuesday, 10th February 2003
We are currently updating, bringing all the mac downloads from the old website back into the new design. So have a look round, check out the "mac breeds" page, and let me know if there are any broken links or anything you would like added. Enjoy!

Quick Update
Posted: Thursday, 27th Noverber 2003
I have managed to get a few minuted to nip through the site and fix any broken links, and ensure the Oddballz patch was easily accessible. Hopefully I'll be able to add to the downloads section soon, but all the breeds are uploaded and in the 'pc breeds' section.

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