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Oddball Aging



Oddballz can age just like any other pet. Each day on which you take a breed out the incubator and spend some time playing with him he will age by one day. There are five possible life stages:
Age of the Oddball Associated Life stage
00 days Not yet Hatched
01 day Baby
30 days Teenager
60 days Young Adult
90 days Fully Grown

Life stages in action:

The game's help manual says:

Your Oddballz will get a little older and bigger every day. When they're young, they'll be a little more rambunctious, clumsy, and impressionable. As "Grown Ups", your Petz will let you know what's on their minds. Fortunately, your Oddballz will never get old or die.

As your Oddballz gets older, its likes and dislikes may mature and change. It may catch the Grubz more quickly and will learn to perform its tricks for treats a bit faster. You will also notice that your Petz acquire new tricks as they age.



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